What is EasyClean 10? Is it like ShowerGuard?

We are happy to offer and recommend both EasyClean 10 and ShowerGuard through Agalite. These products leave your shower enclosure clean longer and make cleaning easier.

EasyClean10 is a liquid that is applied to glass at the manufacturer. It chemically bonds with the glass as it cures, providing a durable layer of protection to keep the glass cleaner and making it easier to clean. It cannot be added after your shower enclosure is installed.

Care should be taken when cleaning glass treated with EasyClean10 as abrasives and harsh chemicals can damage the coating. EasyClean10 recommends using EasyClean10 Aftercare for cleaning.  However, Windex, Glass Plus, and other non-industrial cleaning products can be used without voiding the warranty.

ShowerGuard is a process at the manufacturer that makes the surface of the glass exceptionally and permanently smooth due to ion-beam technology. Because ShowerGuard is not a coating, periodic maintenance simply consists of wiping the surface down with a soft cloth or wet sponge and any of the common household cleaners.