Can I have my windows replaced to take advantage of new energy-efficient technologies while maintaining my home’s historic appearance?

Absolutely!  Many of the windows we sell keep the appearance of historic windows and have features such as:

  • insulated glass units (some filled with inert noble gasses, such as argon),
  • Low E coatings,
  • tight-fitting components, and
  • improved weather-stripping to seal out the weather.

Simulated divided lites (SDLs) use applications to the exterior and interior of insulated glass units to give the appearance of divided sash windows.  Cottage style sashes (where the top sash of a double hung window is smaller than the bottom sash) match the look of many Victorian era homes, and exquisite arched top windows compliment the  Victorian homes dotting our towns and countryside.  Stop by one of our showrooms, or request an appointment for a member of our sales staff to come to your home and discuss possibilities!